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Skilled Design Consultants will be preferred by our clients as their provider of Engineering, Technical and Support Services, achieving excellence and recognition within the industry and creating success for our customers and our people.

Our Philosophy In line with our Vision, we utilise an integrated approach by working closely with our clients to achieve the most innovative yet practical and efficient solutions. Our key principles are Agility, Relationship and Performance. Read More



Skilled Design Consultants is committed to providing Professional Structural, Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Services to create the best technical outcomes for our clients while achieving a level of service, flexibility and support that meets and exceeds expectations. Our Lead Engineering and Design Professionals have extensive Industry Experience, providing leadership that balances innovation and science with practicality, efficiency and economy.
What differentiates us?

Our Differentiators

From small private projects to larger Commercial or Industrial applications, SDC possesses the skills and flexibility to address all challenges.

What differentiates us is our flexibility and our commitment to service, giving us the ability to meet the needs of both the small and large scale projects at the level required by each customers specific requirements.

The outcomes we achieve for all our clients are equally as important to us, whether you are a Home owner or a large Organisation.



Our Expertise ranges from Structural and Civil Engineering and Design for the Residential, Commercial and Industrial Sectors, Infrastructure Engineering, Stormwater Design, Forensic Engineering and Expert Witness services.

Our Partners. Through our partners, we also provide Architectural Drafting services and Geotechnical reports. This allows us to provide our clients with the unique advantage of a complete design package. Read More

Our Leadership. We believe our Leadership is crucial to the success of our Compnay and the outcomes we achieve. The two founding Engineers of SDC have over 40 years combined experience within Industry and provide direct hands-on Leadership and Strong Management to its Team.

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